Deposition Summaries

Depositions are usually long, with a significant amount of information. Our experienced resources summarize the information into a clear and concise format, for easy reference. A blend of subject matter expertise and excellent synopsis writing skills make our team efficient in delivering high quality deposition summaries that are comprehensive, accurate, and easy to read regardless of the complexity of the subject matter.

Formats of our deposition summaries:

Page by page - We provide a continuous distillation of the transcript with relevant topic headings corresponding to each successive page range

Topic- In this the testimony is organized into topical sections which indicates where any information pertaining to each main subject (or the subjects specified by our clients) can be found

We can also tailor our summaries to the client's specific requirements. Our consultants are trained to condense complex testimony into manageable material without compromising the tone of the deposition.

Our demand letters are well written, chronological, and contain strong documentation. We help in framing various sections governing the final settlement demand. It provides a vital support to the Plaintiff's claim and helps in fair personal injury settlements.

Medical Expenses Sheet/Billings Summary

Medical expenses sheet is an additional service that we provide to the client in order to assess the patient's medical expenses incurred because of an injury or surgery at question. This helps the client to better understand the individual and total expenses encountered by the patient due an injury or surgery

Plaintiff Fact Sheet

Plaintiff Fact Sheets are questionnaires completed by Plaintiffs, with assistance from their counsel. These questionnaires take the place of interrogatories, or written questions, that are typically served in litigation. The Defendants are entitled to ask questions in a PFS that provide both basic information about the claimant (date of birth, marital status) and specific information (date of injury, type of injury, name of doctor).Fields could include medical history, dates of injuries, dosage of pharmaceuticals, and other pertinent information for the case. It is more like a screening tool. The PFS are mostly used in mass tort claims, mass settlements where mere presence of certain injuries/factors qualifies them for settlement, unlike other claims where we need to quantify the injuries.

Hyperlinking, Bookmarking and Bates stamping services

One of these services is Absolutely FREE


Chronology and source documents will be merged into a single PDF document thereby allowing user to access both simultaneously just by clicking on the page numbers in the chronology. It helps customers to easily navigate between pages by clicking a page in the chronology and moving to the corresponding page in the source PDF.


PDF bookmarks are considered a clickable table of contents list that are available on the left side of the PDF document (medical records) and can be used to quickly browse/access various pages in the source PDF document at ease.

Bookmarks can be prepared in two ways