eSorting and Categorizing

Key Highlights

Our technology-assisted services help in identifying all relevant providers, and their records. Our trained doctors identify a list of missing medical records and intimate the client for reconciliation and retrieval requests. It is accomplished by a thorough and diligent review of the medical records. Our doctors will inform the attorney exactly which medical records are missing.

Hyperlinking, Bookmarking and Bates stamping services

One of the these services is Absolutely FREE


Chronology and source documents will be merged into a single PDF document thereby allowing user to access both simultaneously just by clicking on the page numbers in the chronology. It helps customers to easily navigate between pages by clicking a page in the chronology and moving to the corresponding page in the source PDF.


PDF bookmarks are considered a clickable table of contents list that are available on the left side of the PDF document (medical records) and can be used to quickly browse/access various pages in the source PDF document at ease.

Bookmarks can be prepared in two ways