Medical Summaries

We take unorganized records and produce organized medical summaries

Mass Tort

Medilenz Innovations has expertise in handling Mass Tort cases. Our resources conduct research specific to medical information regarding both drugs, and medical devices.

Case screening charts: Our modern technology uses state of the art machine learning techniques to quickly examine the source records such as the product's label or the doctor's notes focusing on key parameters. Our experienced medical professionals supported by newgen technology provide well-documented, organized medical charts that capture all pertinent case information. These organized records are screened to determine strengths and weaknesses of the case. Case reports can be customized, which allows quick identification of the cases for merit.

  • Medilenz team can provide sample case and work plan process document that can be customized to your requirements
  • Our team helps our clients in an efficient manner by screening the cases and presenting the information in Mass Tort e-charts or in a medical chronology format
  • Our efficient and cost effective Mass Tort e-chart does a threshold evaluation and focuses on the key parameters with hyperlinks to the actual records for verification
  • Mass Tort e- charts capture the medical record dates, procedure(s), treatment/occurrences(s) and other customized data fields

Medical Expert

Medical Expert Opinion

Our best talented pool of MD specialists provide expert opinions to simplify the medical complexities. MD specialists draft the opinions in accordance with standard of care guidelines and look for any negligence/malpractice involved in the standard of care given to that patient. The case is summarized briefly by our doctors in the form of presenting the chronology of events, Algorithm or Flowchart Format. Our physicians provide an opinion on the medical case with valid reasoning and inferences, in a question and answer format.

Speak to our Md-Specialist

Call and speak to MDs of various specialties and get the real time solutions, strategies to approach the case and to get more insight about medical complexities.