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PEMCAR – Preliminary Expedited medical cost assessment report
Preliminary Expedited assessment is a shortened version that includes the medical records in a chronological order comprising of provider wise event-based narration.
It includes introduction and summary, diagnoses, diagnostic studies, procedures, medical history and surgical history, current meds and medical record review, and records reviewed sections.Routine medical evaluations: Comprises of the treating providers for different specialtiesTherapeutic evaluation: All the therapeutic evaluations are listedTherapeutic modalities: All the therapeutic modalities are detailedDiagnostic Testing: Proposed diagnostic studies are includedEquipment and Aids: Assistive devices are listedPharmacology: Recommended medications, including the dosage and frequency of the cost are considered from the Goodrx.comHome care services: Housekeeping services are calculated according to Genworth.com
Cost projection report

non-catastrophic pain related :
A Medical Cost Projection is a condensed report that forecasts all future medical, rehabilitative, durable medical equipment, and pharmaceutical costs of a claimant's non-catastrophic injury or illness. The turnaround time is shorter and more cost effective than that of a life care plan.
Cost Projection Includes:
Introduction and summary detailing about the injury detailsInitial history consists of injury-related conditions, details of diagnoses, secondary related conditions and symptoms and primary injuryPast medical, surgical history, pre-existing conditions, prior conservative care, radiographic findings comprising of x-rays, MRIs, CTs, procedures performed prior/post and detailed diagnoses list.Medical recommendations suggested by the physiciansConclusion section describes about the subject incident in brief, correlated findings followed by the doctor opinions
Future Cost Projection:It consists of routine medical evaluations, therapeutic evaluations and modalities, diagnostic testing, procedures performed, pharmacology, and home care services

Rebuttal Reports

A report documenting the opposing party's expert witness and issues found in that report. The rebuttal can discuss about medical opinions that would not favor the plaintiff or the defendant or the cost projections provided by the opposing expert witness. A good rebuttal report will establish a foundation for questioning the expert's credibility. The strongest rebuttal reports also demonstrate that the rebutting author took the best route available for understanding the issues in the case.LCP rebuttals or critiques are offered by life care planners who will review and provide comments on an LCP developed by other life care plannersThe rebuttal report will include opinions on the items included in the plaintiff life care plan and whether or not they are reasonable and necessary. Changes may be suggested, alternatives recommended, or items may be suggested to be removed from the life care plan.


Lists down all case-related positive findings in a properly organized spreadsheetThe Critical parameters are carefully determined after a complete review of the litigationA defense LCP can assist in shielding the defendant or Insurance companies from unnecessary losses or exposure financially by accurately clarifying the plaintiff's future care needsWe review the plaintiff's medical records and billing to ascertain an understanding of the chronology of eventsIn addition, we review any available deposition transcripts, especially of the plaintiff. These steps allow us to determine the patient's functional status and future care needs. We also evaluate the usual and customary chargesWe have to provide an alternative plan of care, or a side-by-side comparison of recommendations and costs.Equipping defense counsel with our insight facilitates recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed plaintiff's LCP.

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