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Medical Chronology
Why Medical Chronology ?
Medical chronologies provide a concise reference to all pertinent medical information, and reduce the eventual review time spent by a medical expert. Our chronologies are unique as they are thorough, objective, timely and competitively priced. All chronologies contain hyperlinks to the appropriate documents for easy navigation.
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Police Report

Provides accurate details of the collision, such as:Adheres to specific state Traffic Crash GuidelinesTime and location of the collision Vehicle details of both Plaintiff and Defendant Violations & citation detailsNarrative description of the accident Witness statements, if any

Ems Report

Describes critical details such as: Time details Level of medical care provided en route Vitals signs Narration of the patient’s medical condition Primary treatment Destination details (Receiving Facility or Hospital)

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Flow of Events

Highlights accident or incident description in brief along with date of injury or date of loss A short synopsis of key medical events to understand the case Highlights of key medical/surgical events and interventions Date-range of hospitalizations and visits Treatment protocol followed Brief description of any rehab outcome

Missing Medical Records

Identifies Missing Medical Records pertinent to the case Helps our clients to retrieve missing critical reports with ease Evidence based flagging of gaps in reports Analyze the missed records as confirmatory or probable Justification of necessary records for the case Correlation with medical bills

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Patient History

Patient History explains plaintiff’s Outlines past clinical diagnoses and conditions Surgeries underwent Pertinent Family history/Genetic conditions Detrimental habits/substance abuse details Drug allergy details

Detailed Chronology

Medical records are arranged in a chronological order with Date, Page References and Provider Summary of events to understand symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments highlighted in yellow Structured presentation with specific fields for ease of reference Hyperlinked page References Deciphered handwritten notes at 99% accuracy Case discrepancies highlighted in Red font Remarks by reviewer on key findings Unbiased summary with facts that are easy to read and infer

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Our team of highly qualified doctors with extensive clinical experience excels in handling diverse cases related to Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Mass-Tort Cases. We provide customized solutions to attorneys and law firms and have expanded our services to include litigation support and medical-legal research for various professionals. With global delivery centers in Bangalore, India, and Mill Valley, California, equipped with world-class facilities, we ensure top-quality service.
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