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Narrative Summary
Why Narrative Summary
A narrative summary of medical records constitutes a succinct overview delineating significant events,
findings, and interventions arranged in a chronological manner.
A succinct summary depicting important events; significant findings, and interventions extracted from multiple medical records
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Medical Reports are analyzed and narrated focusing on the case significant events.Injuries sustained, treatment rendered, patient progress and future recommendations are detailed.Work status and restrictions are documented, directly reflecting on the severity of the injuries and recovery time.Illegible and poorly photocopied medical records deciphered and included in the summarySignificant prior records will be included to demarcate the difference prior to/post the incident.Physical deficits and psychological trauma are outlined and briefed as per the last available record.The patient's comprehensive history is included as an introductory paragraph.

Narrative Summary - MM

NS:Introductory paragraph denoting the patient's comprehensive history.Medical Reports are analyzed and narrated focusing on case significant events.Event-based narration for shorter but precise summaries that are easy to understandMultiple records are reviewed and key information is aggregated in short and succinct narration.Case relevant findings, diagnoses and treatment rendered are detailed.Prior records will be included to demarcate the patient's prior condition

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